Who is Christopher Monck

Our name is a nod to the seventeenth century Lord, Christopher Monck, who was the final owner of Clarendon Estate, a palatial residence that once stood on what is now Dover Street, Albemarle Street and Bond Street. Monck was a local legend, a politician, a treasure hunter and an innovator and his sense of fun and adventure, and his unique character, is why his name has been honoured by this new brasserie.


Monck entered politics at the age of 13 being elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Devon in January 1667 and in 1670 he entered the House of Lords, following the death of his father. 

He was a true colourful characters and on 6 January 1681, Monck arranged the first recorded boxing match in England between his butler and his butcher. The butcher won and you’ll see nods to the the fight through out the restaurant in the art on the walls and our cocktail menu with drinks designed in the honour of the match.

An adventurer to the end, Monck died in Jamaica on the 6th of October 1688 at the age of 35. He was buried at Westminster Abbey and as he had no children, his title became extinct on his death.

We loved his spirit and the important role that he played in the history of Mayfair. We look forward to becoming an important part of the neighbourhood, like he once was.