Our Food Philosophy

The food at Moncks is based on a classic brasserie menu, including dishes like a great Sole Meunière delicately balanced with sharp lemon, or a slow cooked Beef Bourguignon, rich with buttery potatoes and fall apart beef. Lighter dishes like the Salad Nicoise and Ceasar Salad are a happy reminder of how good these dishes can be when the individual ingredients are best-in-class and full of flavour. We hope by creating such beautiful but simple dishes, that Moncks will become your go-to for easy, sophisticated dining at any time of the day.

A Nod to the Past

A number of years ago another brasserie sat on this very spot, the American style ‘Automat’.  During its time it was well known in both Mayfair and across London.  We fondly remembered two dishes from their menu, the burger and the mac and cheese.  To honour those dishes we have created the Monck’s Burger and a Truffled Mac & Cheese that is filled with decadent Perigord black truffle and a smooth cheese sauce.  We hope that you love these dishes as much as we do.

The Butler & Butcher

As you may know, our name is a nod to Christoper Monck, the seventeenth century Lord and Mayfair resident.  There are two stories that we loved about this local legend. Namely that in 1681, he hosted the first ever recorded boxing match in England, between his butler and his butcher. His butcher won, a fact that we were not surprised by.  Throughout our food and drink menu you will see a small nod to lively characters in the signature items that we named after them.

A Treasure Hunter

When you are passing, do pop in and view our beautiful artwork.  Many of those pieces are a nod to the parlour games that we imagine would have been played at Clarendon House of an evening. There is also a piece that shows that beautiful estate, it truly must have been a sight to see.